Pastryarchy! Catalog.

Well, hello! I see that you have stumbled into my website!
It isn't done yet, so mind that while you are browsing my site!

About Pastryarcy!

Pastryarchy! Is a project I have been working personaly on
for a while now, so I decided to make a website about it!

Pastryarchy! Is a game about warfare with produce. The
fruits and vegetables fight each other (That is the main
part of this website, talking about the different units I
have created). The pastries have an anarchy over the area
the fruits and vegetables live in. The pastries are the
strongest units in the game ranging from one shot kills
to hypnotism. The fruits and vegetables then work toghether
to kill, or recruit the pastries.

well, lets get started off with


How this will work

The system I will grade the units on, goes like this,
Attack style, health, attack power, speed, Attack speed,
and growing duration. Attack style is self explanatory, Is it melee,
or long ranged? Health is the amount of health they have.
power is how much damage they do. Speed is how fast
they move. Attack speed is how fast they can attack.
Growing duration is how long it takes to grow them.
(You need to grow them before they can fight).


Attack style: long ranged
Health: 100
Attack power: 30
Speed: normal
Attack Speed: quick
Growing duration: fast


Attack style: melee
Health: 170
Attack power: 60
Speed: normal
Attack Speed: medium
Growing duration: quick

Apple Mortar

Attack Style: Bombardment
Health: 200
Attack Power: 230
Speed: none
Attack Speed: slow
Growing time: sluggish