How to Make the Gravity Suit

First you will need to get a gravity core. You can get one in
the core of the earth, or any other planet (if it has a core). Next
you will need a top notch, state of the art hazmat suit. As soon as you
put the core on the hazmat suit, they will fuse together making the very
begining stages of the gravity suit. Next throw the suit into a freezing cold
bucket of water. And voila, you got your very own gravity suit! Just if you are
curios, This is pretty much what a gravity suit looks like. But the one we are talking
about doesn't have the gun hand blaster.

How to Obtain Your Gravity Suit

You can get it by buying it from someone, stealing it from someone,
or getting one in a alien lab. You also can go to the moon, where the
American government has hidden a lot of alien stuff, including the gravity suit.
But a different version that looks like this.

Oh! Just before you leave you should play watch this video. You know just for fun.

The Video For Fun